A few points to help you book the perfect hostel.

My favorite booking sites. I start with booking.com as they have more budget accommodation options than any other booking site. After that, I’d check Hostelworld. If you still aren’t finding what you’re looking for, google your destination and hostel. The hostel I found on the Isle of Skye wasn’t on either of those sites.

Check the location on a map. Both Booking.com and Hostelworld will show you the location of the hostel on a map so that you can get an idea of how close it is to where you want to be.

Check reviews. As you would with hotels, before booking a hostel, check the reviews. Both Booking.com and Hostelworld have reviews by travelers who are verified as having stayed at the hostel.

Look it up on Google Street View. See what the surroundings are like on Street View before booking. I find this has helped me make my final decision.

Check Rome2Rio. If you are choosing to save money with a hostel out of a city center, for example outside of Paris and you want to visit Paris, check Rome2Rio to find out how long it will take to get to the city center and how much it will cost.

We all want a gorgeous summer glow but, these days, everyone is pretty savvy and aware of the risks associated with too much sun. a lovely tan is nice, but not when it comes at the cost of premature aging, wrinkles and sunburn!

I remember when the phrase, “Ooh, you’ve caught the sun!” used to be a compliment but these days it’s more of a warning. Looking burnt or tanned like a leather handbag is not a good look to be going for and, thankfully, the subtle golden tan is more desired!

I don’t know about you but I’m always slathered in sunscreen. After spending 18 months in Australia, during which time I didn’t even touch a bottle of sunscreen, I really saw the damage I’d done to my skin. I really wanted to turn back the clock and rewind what I’d done but it was too late. These days, all my make-up has SPF in it and there’s always a bottle of sunscreen in my handbag.

Even though I am super safe, I still end up getting burnt from time to time. Sometimes it feels like I was only outside for two minutes all day so I’m really confused about how I got burnt! It’s my neck and chest that get it worst and I have permanently weird tan marks on my feet depending on which sandals or flip flops I’ve been wearing.

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